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Pre-Order Policy

SolarFly Cards offers one of the most comprehensive pre-order programs anywhere on the web! Don't miss out on your favorite new products - reserve yours early and be guaranteed to get the product at our lowest price!

What is a Pre-Order?

A Pre-Order is when you reserve a new product for purchase before its release date. By pre-ordering, you are guaranteed to get your product and won't be caught by suprise if we run out after the product's release. You also lock in our lowest price, meaning you won't have to keep checking back at our site to see if we have updated our pricing! Pre-Order products ship out the day they are recieved so you are guaranteed to recieve them as early as possible! See below for Pre-Order pricing and more information.

Do I pay for a Pre-Order when I place my order?

For most pre-order items, payment is due at the time of purchase. If you are ordering a sealed case of product, only a 20% down payment is required at the time of purchase. The remaining balance due is charged 2 weeks prior to the release date. Each product that only requires a 20% down payment is clearly marked on the product page with all of the necessary details.

What happens if my order contains both in-stock and pre-order items?

Orders are shipped out once all products arrive in stock. If you wish to split your order into multiple shipments, please contact us and we would be happy to work with you!

Can I cancel my Pre-Order item?

Yes! We allow for any pre-order item to be canceled and a full refund given as long as it is at least 60 days prior to the release date of the Pre-Order item. Simply send us an email to request the cancelation. If there are fewer than 60 days left until the item's release date, we will be unable to cancel your pre-order, as all of our orders have already been committed. If the product has been fully paid for, it will be automatically shipped to you when it arrives. If only the 20% down payment has been paid, it will be lost if you cannot complete your commitment to pay the remaining 80%.

What happens if you lower your price after I place my Pre-Order?

We will automatically give you our lowest price - guaranteed! It's really that easy - Place your pre-order and recieve our lowest price on the Pre-Order product from the time you order until the time your product ships. Excludes any Black Friday/Cyber Monday exclusive sale deals.

If I place a Pre-Order, am I guaranteed to get my item?

Yes! We guarantee that all pre-order products will be fulfilled! The only exception to this policy would be if the manufacturer unexpectedly cancels the product or allocation numbers are drastically lower than expected. If this were to happen you would be notified of the change as soon as we find out. Please note - whenever our allocation numbers are drastically lower than expected, we work hard to buy product off the secondary markets to fulfull as many orders as possible.